Revolutionize Dental
X-Ray Diagnostics With 

Artificial Intelligence

Dental, Radiography, X-ray, Teeth, Dentist
Diagnosis Powered By Deep Learning
State-of-the-art algorithms trained on large curated datasets.

Pick up more pathologies from your x-rays.
Stunning & Effective Visuals
Add colors to your x-rays and bring them to life.
Gain the trust of every single patient.
Seamlessly Integrated
Integrate directly into your existing IT systems. 

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The Team


Dr. Hamed Fesharaki

CEO, Co-founder

Experienced Dentist & Clinic Owner


Dr. Yasaman Nemat

CPO, Co-founder

Biomedical Researcher & Entrepreneur

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Shifeng Chen

CTO, Co-founder

Computer Vision Engineer & Developer

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