Perform x-ray diagnosis faster and more accurately

Increase patient confidence and book more procedures

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Automated Dental Diagnosis Powered By Deep Learning
Our technology is based on state-of-the-art computer vision algorithm trained on curated datasets verified by experienced dentists.

Never miss another cavity.
Stunning Visuals for Effective Patient Communication
Add colors to your x-rays and let patients see for themselves and understand exactly what is wrong with their teeth.

Gain the trust of every single patient.

The Team


Dr. Hamed Fasharaki

CEO, Co-founder

Experienced Dentist & Clinic Owner


Dr. Yasaman Nemat

CPO, Co-founder


Biomedical Researcher & Entrepreneur

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Shifeng Chen

CTO, Co-founder

Computer Vision Engineer & Developer

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We help dentists find cavities in dental x-rays faster and more accurately so they can book more procedures and double their revenue


How it works


Take a radiograph


Open the application copy.gif

Get instant accurate Interpretations


  • Increases practitioner and patients confidence in practitioners diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Charting could be done automatically by a single full mouth radiograph. 

  • No manipulation needed on the radiographs for diagnosis

  • Saves a lot of time and increases accuracy

  • Diagnosis is confirmed with a third party with no personal interest in the treatment plan


About Us

Although Dentistry has started as early as 7000 BC, dental diagnosis has been somehow arbitrary and not based on a handful of diagnostic tests. The first dental radiographs were developed in 1985 and a lot of analog and digital tools came about to increase diagnosis accuracy since then; however there are still a lot of pathologies missed/under evaluated on dental radiographs.  


Adra (Ai Dental Radiograph Assist) is founded by a group of Scientists, Dental practitioners and Artificial intelligence experts to aid dental practitioners and general public in dental radiographs interpretation. Our digital solution helps to decrease the possibility of missing pathological markers, increase the accuracy of diagnosis and decrease the time spent on interpretations and charting. This helps dentists to better and with more confidence care for their patients.  

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